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About Us

Our Story

Ten industry veterans found common ground to join ranks under Microchip USA with a shared goal: to share in a purpose greater than ourselves. The team at Microchip USA has supported over one hundred thousand line items and tens of millions of active components. Collectively, the team of purchasing and sourcing specialists has worked directly or indirectly with over half of the companies on the Fortune 500. Our human capital has historically focused on supporting medical & industrial projects. The industries that we have added tremendous value to encompass: process automation, telecommunications, transportation, green energy, imaging (equipment to sense, transmit, and analyze information) and more.

Expertise Breakdown

Our team of experts have over twenty combined years of experience finding and securing electronic components for many of the world’s largest manufacturers; we have achieved extensive success for our clients, with proven processes and techniques to help mitigate risks in the global electronics supply chain. We have saved our clients millions of dollars by preventing line-down situations. Our global connection of over one hundred suppliers allows us to find parts that Fortune 500 companies have not been able to, speaking volumes to how deep our supply chain is. We have over ten third-party testing lab connections to expedite high quality parts to our clients.

Trevor Toma
Chief Executive Officer

Mitch Kogge
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Sellen
Chief Financial Officer

Kimie Koga
Director of Operations

Jake Lawless
Director of Sales

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The best way to learn about Microchip USA is to contact us. Reach out to learn how the Microchip USA team can help with legacy projects, procurement, and inventory management. Our innovative team is always looking to collaborate.

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